A Light Has Shown

A Light shines into the gloom and the rod of the taskmaster is smashed.

Christ the King

Jesus reigns forever on the Throne of David

Give Thanks

The Psalms tell us to give thanks to the LORD got He is good. Hodu l'Adonai ki tov

Discipleship 2

Jesus wants disciples. Serious learners and followers.

Breakfast on the Beach

John Chapter 21. Jesus fixes breakfast then has a talk with Peter

Called to Discipleship

A call to follow and surrender

The Veil

There is a veil over the whole earth that is removed on a mountain!

Fear and Trembling

Fear and trembling should go along with proclaiming the Gospel.

There Will be Trials

Paul warns Timothy that there will be trials

A Form of Godliness

Paul warns Timothy of people who will look good but be false teachers

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